Yerevan, Armenia
9-17 January

Round 5 of the Round Robin tournament is over


In the game Evgeny Levin VS Platon Galperin an old Indian defense was played. At the opening Whites renounced the main variants and on move 20 accepted the draw offered by the opponent.

In Artur Davtyan VS Anna Sargsyan match Morozevich's version of Slav defense was used. On move 15 Whites deviated from the main continuations, after which Blacks probably confused the sequence of moves losing a pawn. In the middle game Whites made use of their material advantage.

Stefan Pogosyan - Hovik Hayrapetyan played Sicilian defense. Blacks managed to come out of the opening with equal chances, then they took the initiative in the middle game. Afterwards, taking advantage of the inaccurate moves made by Whites, Blacks won a figure and on move 41 reached a victory.

In the game Zurab Sturua VS Armen Barseghyan an English opening was played. On move 11 Blacks made blunder and lost a pawn getting in losing position, and the blunder made on move 20 only accelerated the end of the game:

21․Qxf6+  1-0

In the match Victor Matviishen VS David Shahinyan Whites sacrificed a pawn at the opening, then also a quality. A non-standard situation was created, which became even more complicated when Blacks passed 35 ... e5 36.fe, but here they slipped getting in a hard position:

36…f4?(36․․․ Bc8! 37.Kf4 - Kc7 finally getting the chance to put into the game the knight left in the corner during the whole game and fight for the advantage) 37.Kxf4 – Bc8 38. e6! -d4 (38…Bxe6 39.Qf6! – Bd7 40.Rb7 + -)

Later Whites missed some non-difficult continuations through which they could reach the victory, and if Blacks were able to find the following option on move 47, they would result in a draw։

47…Ra7 ? ( 47…Qc6! 48.Qxc6 – Kxc6 49.Rd6 – Rc7 50.Kf3 – Kb4 51.Rxg6 – Rxc5= ) 48.Rd6 and on move 55 Blacks surrendered.


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