Yerevan, Armenia
9-17 January

Round 7 of the Round Robin tournament was played


In the match Evgeny Levin VS Artur Davtyan the Anti-Meran version of Slav defense was applied Blacks easily overcame the issues derived at the opening, even got a little favorable position, but it wasn't enough to win, and on move 49 the sides agreed to a draw.

In the game Zurab Sturua VS David Shahinyan after move 25 the following situation was reached:

Here Whites slipped; they played 26․ Qxf3 and missed the Kxe4 counterattack, after which Blacks had good chances to reach a draw.

While playing 26․Rxf3 – Kxe4 27.Kxd6 – Kxd6 28.Rxe5 Qg6 29.Rxf4  - (In this version d2 bishop is protected)

Later in a draw position getting in a disarray Blacks made blunder and suffered a painful defeat.

Victor Matviishen - Anna Sargsyan played a Spanish game. At the opening Blacks not only managed to equalize the position but also took the initiative, and on move 17 sacrificing a figure they got transient linked pawns and made a serious bid to win. On move 25 they had a nice option to reach a victory but didn't notice:

25․․․Qg4? (25… Qxc6! 26.dc – Rxa7! 27.Rxa7 – b3 28.Kd2- cd 29. Rb1 - Be6 30․Rxc7 – Ra8 -+ ) but later, being able to exchange queens, they reached a beautiful victory.

At the opening of the match Hovik Hayrapetyan VS Armen Barseghyan Whites were more successful, got positional advantage, but later they did not choose a successful plan and even got a bad position, but the outcome of the game determined the blunder made by Blacks on move 25:

25…Kb4?? 26.Qb3+ +-

In the match Stefan Pogosyan VS Platon Galperin the sides deviated from the opening theory starting from the first moves. A non-standard situation was created where Blacks were better oriented and took the initiative, but in the endgame, however, Whites managed to reach a draw.

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